10 Months Old!

MAY 21, 2011 :: TEN MONTHS OLD

Do I sound like a broken record? I cannot believe you're 10 months old!!! How is time going so fast?

We took a girls trip to Colorado to visit Jess and her family, but we ended up seeing SO many people! We spent the night at Jess's in Colorado Springs where you played with Carson and Preslie. You loved watching them and I'm pretty sure you had a big crush on Carson :) All three of you had bad coughs and didn't seem to feel too good. It was pretty crazy when you were all coughing at the same time! You've been going through a gagging/throwing up stage when eating new foods. Everyone got a kick out of that you stinker!

We drove to Fort Collins and spent the rest of our weekend there. You saw all of your aunts and uncles and cousins! It was fun to see you with Dom and Grace. Goodness, girlie, you saw a lot of kiddos over the weekend! Unfortunately, your Grandma and Grandpa were out of town the whole time we were there! :( They were so sad they missed seeing you.

When we got back to Dallas, we ended up at the doctor because your cough got so terrible. She diagnosed you with the beginning of an ear infection and mild pneumonia. She said that sounded worse than it really was, but gave you some antibiotics and they helped you so much. Your cough was gone in just a couple days! BUT, guess what happened after that? You became a Daddy's girl with every meaning of those words! One day, he handed you to me and you screamed and reached for him! From that moment on, he couldn't give you to anyone else or even put you down without you crying! Oh girlie, you love him so much :)

Your Grandma and Grandpa Placzek came to visit this month! They did some work around the house and played with you a lot. Something so exciting happened! You started crawling!!! We knew it was just a matter of time and sure enough, you moved one arm, then one leg and the next thing you knew, you were moving! It sure didn't take you long to start moving quicker and quicker :) It's crazy to think our little girl is crawling, but you are and you're adorable :) Your Grandma and Grandpa loved seeing you and watching you crawl!

We celebrated Mother's Day by you being sick :( It was so sad. You couldn't keep your food down for about 24 hours and just felt miserable. You would dig your head into our chests, you only wanted to be held, you would crawl to us and climb up on us to get us to hold you... so sad :( But, at the same time, it was really cute.

You're saying Dada A LOT! Hey there, girlie, remember me? Can you say Mama? Ma Maaaaa. "Dadadadadadadada". Like I said, you're a Daddy's girl :)

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  1. I cannot believe she is 10 months old!! She's getting so big! I hope she's feeling 100% better now!

  2. She is so cute! I can't believe she is already 10 months. I really like your calendar too :)