9 Months Old!!



What a month you had! So many different phases. Once we get used to something, you change into something else! You're growing so quickly, it's hard to beileve your'e not our little newborn Sweet P anymore.

PHASE 1: You get scared of things now! Daddy pulled the blinds up one day and you got the most terrified look on your face then burst into tears! We thought maybe it was random, but we did it again and sure enough, terrified tears. Later that night, we blended some salsa with the magic bullet and SAME THING! Loud noises are scaring you...... or at least for a few days :)
PHASE 2: Clingy clingy cingy! One day you woke up and only wanted to be held. We went to our friend Jenni's house for her Stella & Dot show and you wouldn't let anyone hold you or let me put you down on the floor - you just had to be held. It was pretty cute :)
PHASE 3: You've gone from the hands and knees position to the sitting position! This is a huge milestone. Sitting up on your own - love it! It has made nap time a tad harder. You'll sit up and then fall over, which makes things takes falling asleep a bit longer. You're getting so much closer to crawling. You love trying new things and we know it's just a matter of time before you're taking off!
PHASE 4: You're sleeping through the night! YAY!!! I have a feeling this may not last, but we'll enjoy it while we can. Ahhh sleep. Speaking of sleep, you're sleeping on your tummy now! You still don't love tummy time, but you sure do to fall asleep.

One crazy event this month was a bad day of storms! Your Dad and I decided he would go pick you up from daycare because there was a tornado on it's way to Grand Prairie, where daycare is! It was far enough away that he was able to pick you up and get home. We all spent the afternoon watching storms on the radar, listening to the news and taking cover. It was pretty scary, but I was so glad you were safe with your Dad. You both spent a lot of time in the bathroom and I spent a lot of my afternoon in the stairwell at work. 20 or so tornadoes, lots of damage, no deaths. Pretty amazing.

You saw a lot of friends this month. Sarah came to meet you. She was in town from Lincoln, so she stopped by for a bit. We also saw the Ferguson's for just a few minutes. They gave you an old swing - You LOVE it. Oh my goodness. You Dad put it up on the back porch and you were in heaven on that thing! It's so fun watching you - Pure Joy when you're in it!

We spent our first Easter together at home and didn't end up doing much because I got sick. I promise next year, it will be more eventful :)

You are just SO much fun, little girl. Your giggles are to die for, the new noises you're learning are too cute and you are just always happy. We love you so much!! Happy 9 Months. 

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