Eleven Months Old!


You are growing so quickly and learning so many new things. Our friends, the Williams', let you borrow their walker that Avery used. You stood right up to it and started pushing it all over the place. You love it so much! You're taking a couple steps on your own, but end up in a face plant. You're getting there, though! You have no fear - if you want something, you'll reach for it and fall. You aren't scared at all to let go of whatever you're holding onto. This is probably good ... and bad. You still love to crawl and have gotten VERY fast at it! Zooom! You also love to crawl and climb on everything. Oh dear.

You started throwing some tantrums. Eek! Let's just say you'd rather be awake than asleep... and you'd rather play with what you want than have things taken away. It's a new scream/squeal that your Daddy and I could live without :) Kicking legs, flailing arms...the whole shebang.

You've been having the hardest time keeping food down. Every once in awhile, you'll start coughing on your food and then it all comes up. The doctor and your Daddy and I think you just have a bad gag reflex. She said to stick with simple purees and table foods. Some of those baby foods get really thick - something you don't do well with. We hope it ends for you soon! It's not fun throwing up :(

You got your first top tooth!! It makes you look so old to have one on top. You're not a baby anymore (insert tear).  About a week after your first one came in, your second followed! WOW - now you really look old! You're still chewing on everything you can find. Those other teeth are moving around, that's for sure.

We celebrated Father's Day this month! You love your Daddy so much - it was fun to spend the day with him and celebrate him! We went to the grocery store at one point and the woman at the checkout line said "Happy Father's Day" to him and he quickly responded - "Oh, she's not mine." (Joking, of course!) The cashier replied, "BOY! Whatchu talkin' 'bout?! That baby looks just like you!"
Haha! That gave him a big smile :)

Your birthday invites are out! Can't believe we're getting ready to celebrate your first birthday.
We love you, sweet girl :)

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