OH my goodness, Sweet P! You're a whole year old. This year was fast, amazing, hard, awesome, tiring, joyful, so many things - SO many things. You are the absolute joy of our lives. It's amazing to see you grow and learn. So many new things have happened in the last month.
You're standing on your own.
Walking on your own - wobbly, but you're getting better everyday.
You're coming up with your own sign language! Ha! You squeeze your hand when you want more and you shake your head back and forth when you're full. :)
You had your first Fourth of July, which we celebrated with some sweet friends. You didn't see any fireworks, but that day will come. I'll be sure of it!

You and I took a trip to Nebraska! Who know's what flight this was for you. We need to get you your own frequent flier number! We had so much fun with your Grandparents and uncle Sam! We saw Carli and Nate at Barbara's wedding. Boy was it hot, but you did SO good. You were up pretty late each night we were there which messed up your sleeping schedule, but we got it under control :) Every time we see family, they can't believe how much you've grown - I know that will continue!!

We had a lot of fun at your first birthday party!!! So many friends came to celebrate and your Grandma and Grandpa Thomas! Let's just say, you love cake :) Mommy's girl! You, Avery, Ava, Kai and Dalton  played in the living room with balloons for awhile. You just LOVE playing with other kids!

Your personality is changing so much every single day. You're babbling more. Your laughing more - OH that sweet, sweet laugh. It's the most joyful sound in the world. Your Dad and I laugh so much when you do. It's so joyful. Speaking of your Dad - you love him SO SO SO much. You get the biggest smile on your face when he walks into the room and you squeal so loud! It makes him so happy and, between you and me, you're going to get whatever you want from him, so ask ask ask! ;)

I feel at a loss for words in what to say to you other than I can't believe your'e already one and I can't tell you how much I love you. I look at pictures of you while I'm at work and get the biggest smile on my face.

Cake pictures by Tammy!

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  1. Oh my goodness 1 year old! She is so cute! Happy late birthday Miss P...
    I love your calendar wall too. That's a great idea. Did you use chalkboard paint?