Baby #2 Update : Weeks 20-23

WEEKS 20 & 21 // 6.1.14
Week 20: HALF WAY! How did that happen?? We had an routine ultrasound at the hospital this week. Good thing it was there because if we were going there for the first time in labor, we'd probably have you in the car. That place is HUGE. So many buildings. So little signage. Best news of all- you look perfect 
Week 21: Goodness, you're a mover! I feel you mostly at night, when I'm laying down. If Payton would keep her hand on my belly for more than half a second, she may be able to feel you! You moved this week causing me to chug sprite and look bigger! Things are definitely starting to change from week to week now. Yay!

WEEKS 22 & 23 // 6.16.14
Week 22 :: Shortness of breath has returned. Lots of kicking. She's definitely awake when I go to sleep! 
Week 23 :: Seeing kicks now!! Seems so early! Sick all week. 

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