Baby #2 Update : Weeks 24-27

 WEEKS 24 & 25 // 6.30.14
Week 24: Had an appointment this week and heard your heartbeat! She said she'll probably check next time to make sure nothing has started in the labor process since your sister was early. You are going to be here before we know it!!!! Payton's not in this weeks picture because she was playing her little heart out with sweet PG! It was nice alone time for mommy.
Week 25: I definitely feel different this week! Trying to breathe...also trying to figure out how to track any "contractions" I may be having. Who knows. You are a kicker! Geez Louise. We can see you moving around everyday. Payton can hardly stand her excitement. She runs up to hug my stomach everyday! She's extra happy this week because she was with Kayla the whole time!! So. Much. Fun!

WEEKS 26 & 27 // 7.15.14
Week 26: Kick! Jab! Contraction? Maybe! Maybe not. When I was pregnant with Payton, I had her 10 weeks from this week. That seems crazy! She started dance class this week - can't wait for you to join her! 
Week 27: Wow, I feel bigger this week! I feel a lot of movement all over and at times. Sometimes, it seems like you're moving every part of your body, as fast as you can, for about a minute! Your Nebraska family got to see how much you've grown this week since Payton and I visited. They are all excited to meet you! Oh, and Payton has decided to name you Ariel :)

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