Baby #2 Update : Weeks 16-19

WEEKS 16 & 17 // 5.4.14
Week 16: Ultrasound found that you're breech! We also could NOT get a good view of you because your spiny back was toward us :) So, girl confirmation will have to wait, but I'm pretty sure you are. 
Week 17: Feeling pretty normal now with the exception of shortness of breath. Feeling kicks everyday!!! Can't wait for Matt and Payton to feel :) Payton does not love taking pictures. Hahaha! So I take the best of maybe 2. Week 16 is my fave so far. Mid-sneeze 

WEEKS 18 & 19 // 5.19.14
Week 18: feeling much more normal now. Not tired. Not sick. Feeling good and love feeling the baby :) Payton hugs and kisses the baby daily! 
Week 19: had a surprise ultrasound this week! My doctor confirmed it's a girl!! And she's still breech. Feeling kicks more and more throughout the day now. Onto week 20!! Half way...what?!

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