Baby #2 Update : Weeks 28-31

WEEKS 29 & 29 // 7.29.14
Week 28: This was a big week! We started our bi-weekly doctor appointments and guess what we found out?? You're breech! Just like your big sister. We'll see if you stay that way! 
Week 29: We traveled to Colorado this week! This marks the last time we'll go anywhere until you're born. That was another milestone for my mental state :) at the VERY end of the week, you moved! Goodness, it didn't feel good- wondering if you're going to stay in this new position or move back. You're basically trying to kick out of my stomach and the feeling of the kicks or jabs will randomly make me gasp. Chill, child! We have a few weeks to go!!
WEEKS 30 & 31 // 8.11.14
Week 30: You turned! Wow, I could tell. The movements completely changed and they did NOT feel good. Sometimes your movements would make me gasp, but it's all good! I just push you back in ;) 
Week 31: Sleeping is hard. Breathing is hard. Things are just getting hard! I also feel a lot bigger this week. It's absolutely crazy to think how close your due date is. We're making steps on moving Payton into her new room so you can have the nursery! It's becoming very real and we cannot wait to meet you :) you're still nameless...although Payton still thinks your name is Ariel...or Payton Thomas :)

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